Three Other Types of Forklifts

In our previous blog post, we discussed two of the most common types of forklifts. We also discussed the very stereotypical idea of what a forklift looks like and what it can do. Today we will be discussing the lesser known types of new or used forklifts in Miami and their special performance. While most companies have a variety of forklifts for a range of different lifting and maneuvering purposes, some of the machines that we will be discussing today are more specialized to fit the needs of businesses specifically focused on one area or one product. At Atlantic Forklifts and Parts Inc., we sell different types of forklifts and if you can’t find it in our shop, there is a good chance we can find it for you. Let’s take a look at some of the less common but more specialized forklifts on the market.

  1. Sideloaders
    These are machines that are generally special to the construction community. The reason being is that they are very good at handling long, awkward loads like timber or plywood. They are very conventional to their name as they load items from the side, with the cab on the opposite side as the counterbalance. These machines, while great for longer items, are generally not great for loading traditional smaller and heavier items as the sideloader does not have nearly the maneuverability that counterbalance or reach machines do. And when it comes to forklift parts in Miami, they do have parts that are not used in other common forklifts.
  2. Hand Pallet Trucks
    These are some of the least favorite machines of workers because they lack the power capability that other forklifts have. Hand pallet trucks are those that are operated by hand. The fork is slid into the pallet by hand and then the machine uses a hydraulic pump to hand pump the pallet into the air. The stack is generally pumped only high enough to clear the ground beneath it, and the load is subsequently wheeled manually to its new location. This machine, although not as fun to use, is extremely cost efficient and handy for a quick move from one location to another. Not requiring power allows these machines to be used for much longer, and they require little to no maintenance.
  3. Powered Pallet Trucks
    Powered pallet trucks operate very similarly to hand powered trucks. They use the same principle of sliding the fork into the pallet. However, the difference comes in during the lifting of the load. A powered pallet truck has a motor operated up, down, forward and back movement. They are simple trucks without cabs or the need for a counter balance, however the powered pallet trucks do need to be charged. Generally these machines are useful for heavier loads than a hand powered pallet truck can handle and have better maneuverability due to its electronic controls.

These are some of the less commonly used forklifts in Miami. At Atlantic Forklifts and Parts Inc., these are the least commonly purchased forklifts in our shop. However for some companies, these are the only machines that they are able to use. And in other areas of the country, these special forklifts are used more often. For added information on the different types of forklifts we have in store, please contact us at Atlantic Forklifts and Parts, Inc.!

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