New Fast Battery Charge Innovation for Forklifts

Many companies today are always searching for ways to reduce down time and increase productivity. Companies that are more productive make more money, and in the end, that is the goal for every business out there. At Atlantic Forklifts & Parts, Inc., we strive to help other businesses enhance their overall production by ensuring a continuous flow of work. We want them to have every efficient solution so that they can grow even more successfully. This is why we are taking the time today to discuss fast charging for forklifts. We know that businesses have been using this method for quite some time now, but we will discuss what it is as well as some of the pros and cons for fast charging new or used forklift in Miami.

What is Fast Charging?

Fast Charging is fairly self-explanatory when it comes to forklifts. Much like charging your cell phone, forklifts need to be charged in order to keep them running all day long. Charging your cell phone can be a pain because it isn’t nearly as convenient when you have to be restricted to athree-foot room that the charger tether allows you. The same applies to forklifts. Most forklifts require upwards of 8 hours to sufficiently charge. This is 8 hours of down time that your company could have used for more production. Fast charging offers a solution to this. With fast charging, it takes approximately two hours max to charge a forklift. This can be all at once or broken up into small segments to cover periods of time like bathroom or coffee breaks, or even a short lunch break. Fast charging is considered extremely advantageous for those who need to do continuous work.

Previously, fast charging was considered harmful to batteries. However with the technology that is available now, fast charging is commonly used to save time and charge forklifts faster and more efficiently. Especially for those companies that run 24 hours a day, fast charging can be a great way to boost productivity. These batteries are also now commonly available for forklift rentals in Miami.

In the past, several companies have relied on the use of multiple batteries for each vehicle to decrease down time and increase the amount of time that the forklift can be in use. While this is a great way to keep the forklift running longer while charging the spare battery at the same time, this can be very costly. Spare batteries are very expensive and can be difficult and time consuming to reinstall. By using a battery that is equipped for fast charging, you never have to worry about changing the battery or keeping spare batteries on hand, and this does not change its lifespan, too.

Several machines are still using batteries unsuitable for fast charging. Because of this, it leads to damages. So please be sure to check with the dealer of your forklift rental in Miami before fast charging the battery. Fast charging a battery that is not suited for such a process can have grave consequences that will be expensive for the renter. For more on forklifts with fast charging technology, give us a call at Atlantic Forklifts & Parts!

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