Keeping Your Forklift Operators and Machines Safe

One of the easiest mistakes to make as a forklift operator in Miami is to assume that the job is easy. You move a heavy load from one place to the next without ever leaving your chair. There is so much more to it than this. Operating a new or used forklift in Miami is an extremely complex craft requiring the operator to be aware and in charge throughout the entire operation. This is one of the biggest causes for accidents among forklift operators and is easily prevented. At Atlantic Forklifts, we take safety very seriously and we hope to transfer that same yearning to our clients. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of proper forklift operation as well as how to keep your forklift operators safe and focused during operation.

The first, easiest and least effective method of keeping your forklift operators safe and happy is to stress, during training, how absolutely imperative their attentiveness at work is. The job of a forklift operator can easily be taken for granted and after training, it is very simple for an operator to assume that he knows everything that can happen on the floor. While operating a forklift, one of the biggest concerns is the safety of the load that you are transferring. The point of a forklift is to carry a very heavy load from one location to another, otherwise we would just use manual labor and carry it with our hands. When you have such a heavy weight on your machine, the machine can be a dangerous weapon. If the operator loses focus or is not paying attention, anyone walking around the machine could be hurt as well as those in other vehicles. By stressing to your employee, during training or any time after, how important it is for them to be aware of themselves, their vehicle and their surroundings at all times, you have planted the seed of safety for them to be conscious of.

Aside from simply telling your employee that they need to be careful, many companies choose to offer incentives for a job well done. Some of the most common unsafe practices that we have witnessed on forklift rentals in Miami, are the use of electronics such as cell phones or personal music devices, eating or drinking, or simply goofing around in general. It is important to keep the workplace light, however these are unacceptable behaviors for forklift operators to be displaying. These are all distracting behaviors that can make for a dangerous work environment. In order to allow your employees the opportunity to benefit from not engaging in these behaviors, some companies have implemented a reward system. For those employees seen following the rules and without blemishes on their records, a small reward is given, such as an extra day off or lunch on the company. Offering incentives has been proven to drastically decrease the amount of dangerous behavior in the workplace, which in turn increases the safety of your facility.

Running a safe operation is of the utmost importance to any company that requires the use of forklifts in a factory setting. Ensure that your employees are properly trained, are following the safety guidelines, are practicing safe behavior, and are totally focused while on the job. For your new or used forklifts in Miami, safety in operating means everyone leaves work happy and healthy.

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