Helpful Tips to Make Forklift Batteries Last

If you are the owner of a used forklift in Miami, it is likely that you have been through the wringer on parts and maintenance. There are many different advantages to owning a used forklift rather than a brand new one. With routine maintenance and proper repair work, keeping a forklift seemingly new is not a difficult feat. Although this requires some attention to detail and strong organizational skills, routine maintenance is something you can actually schedule biannually with us at Atlantic Forklifts and Parts. We will remind you when it is time for maintenance and even go as far as picking up the vehicle for you.

Over the years we have gathered a wide-base of experience when working with different forklifts and forklift parts in Miami, FL and one of the most troublesome areas with regards to maintenance is its battery. This isn’t cheap, and it doesn’t last as long as anyone thinks it should. With that said, we will be discussing some of the best ways to keep the battery of your forklift last as long as possible.

Keep Track of Its Charge
One of the best ways to give your battery a long life is to never let it dip too low in charge. Keep the battery out of the red zone on the meter. When the battery on your forklift starts to dip below 20%, the performance is drastically reduced. The electrical components of the machine can run way above their normal temperatures which can cause permanent damage to your vehicle. In order to keep your battery running longer and the parts on your machine running smoothly, keep it fully charged whenever possible. Allowing the machine to charge every night, when it is not being used, is a sure fire technique to keep the battery and various electrical parts on the forklift lasting long and strong.

Charge only when Necessary
It may seem like a good idea to charge the battery at every possible opportunity. This is actually not good for the forklift battery. It becomes more worn down every time it is introduced to the charger, so allowing it to discharge about 80% and then fully charging it is the best possible procedure for the battery. By charging it little amounts at a time, you are drastically wearing down the life of the battery.

Keep Track of the Water Level
Something that most people, aside from forklift owners, probably don’t know is that a large part of keeping your battery running is the amount of water in it. Water is a large factor in a properly working battery as the atoms that make up water are opposite in charge. The molecule is broken up into its components which then attach to opposite sides of the battery. If the water level in your battery is low, the parts inside will become dry and eventually crack, decreasing the life of your battery.

Give It a Break
Never run your machine longer than necessary is a much simpler tip to keeping the battery life long lasting. The longer period of time that your machine runs, the warmer the machine becomes. In every electrical equipment, temperature is a major factor in that the warmer the machine becomes, the more stress you are putting on individual parts. If you don’t want to overheat your machine, consider giving it a break whenever it becomes too warm. This is especially feasible if you have a backup forklift to use or if you can afford to move on to another project and come back to moving items when the machine has had time to cool off.

These are some of the tips on maintaining the battery life of new or used forklifts in Miami, FL. If you are considering purchasing a new or used forklift or you already have one and want to preserve the battery for as long as possible, consider some of the aforementioned tips. Give us a call at Atlantic Forklifts and Parts, Inc. for more details.