Forklift Operators Being Held Responsible

Forklift safety is an important issue and one that we have touched on more than once in our previous blogs. We believe that whether you are operating a new or used forklift in Miami, it is absolutely imperative that you do so in the safest manner possible. Any sort of safety procedures that we, as a company, can promote or adhere to, we will happily implement and take on as company policy. Our employees and our clients are of utmost importance when they use these forklifts so we do anything we can to ensure that they are safe. Because we hold safety so high on our list of priorities, we regularly hold safety meetings and trainings for those that work in our shop. Especially around expensive and heavy equipment, accidents happen and we want our employees to be prepared at all times to deal with any situation. Mostly, we train our employees so that they can prevent accidents from occurring in the first place. Safety and productivity go hand in hand at Atlantic Forklifts and we are here to share with you some of the easiest and current ways to continually train your forklift operators.

Get Online!
Pen and paper are a thing of the past and that may be a good thing for your company. Not only does the internet make business insanely fast moving and convenient, but it also provides several different trainings online, something that used to be mandatory to attend in person. There is nothing like a stop in productivity and an entire day of out of town training to kill your love for safety. When your employees are required to attend yearly trainings that are not available in your city or even your state, it can be frustrating for your business. With the number of trainings that are now offered in a virtual classroom or through an online manual, the amount of downtime for your business is drastically decreased. Not only do these current online trainings comply with OSHA regulations, but they are often standardized across several countries so you can ensure that your employees are participating in the best training sessions in the world.

Forklift Simulator
If you have some new employees or are interested in expanding your current collection of forklifts but need to train your employees first, one of the most effective ways to do so is a forklift operator. What better way to allow your employee to test and operate a forklift than operating one that does not have any potential to cause damage? This simulator allows your employees to pick up and move heavy equipment while virtually experiencing all of the hazards of a warehouse. Your employee will be able to maneuver the piece of equipment around obstacles and move heavy loads without ever stepping foot in a warehouse. This is a much safer and less expensive way of crash testing forklift rentals in Miami.

We hope you will consider these inexpensive and convenient ways to initially and continually train your forklift employees. Before you introduce a new employee to one of your new or used forklifts in Miami, consider testing these easy training methods to keep both you and your staff safe!